How can we save you today?

SEARCH AND RESCUE PRODUCTIONS specializes in high end, cinematic productions.

We'll work with you to develop dynamic and engaging content with real heart.

Bold, dynamic visuals capture the essence of your music.  An engaging video can reach a new audience, earn fresh publicity, and crystallize your musical brand.

It's time.

Search and Rescue Productions is creating original content on a regular basis.  Short films, screenplays, sizzle-reels, mini-documentaries, and photography.

We can help you do the same.  

"Who We Are" videos, 30 second commercials, corporate documentaries, crowdfunding vids, and Branded Marketing films.  We'll develop a full campaign, from initial concept to final videos.

Meet The Team

Brandon Herman

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Filmmaker, photographer, nice guy.

Star Wars enthusiast.  

The Rest of the Team

Our team expands to fill the needs of your specific shoot.  We have editors, camera operators, still photographers, producers, musicians, and production assistants that will help elevate your project to the next level!

Then, of course, there's you!  The best results are achieved when we can work together.  We look at every project as a collaboration.  So, welcome to the team!



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Based in

New York, NY

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